Are you looking for an interactive corporate event, full of entertainment? QUIZzzIT has got what you need.

QUIZzzIT is the biggest quiz company in the Netherlands We have a lot of experience in organising big and small events. Our quizzes are perfect for groups of 1500 persons, but also of 50 persons. Big organisations – 100%nl, RTL, PSV, ING, 1 Vandaag and OHRA – as well as small companies have used our service. You can read their comments here.

High level of entertainment

QUIZzzIT works with directors from Hilversum, the Dutch center of television, who have produced shows like The Voice of Holland and Idols. This is how we can offer a high level of entertainment. Our quizzes thrill the players in many ways: they sing, laugh, feel their skin crawl and even cover their eyes with their hands. Besides, the way we show the right answers and the intermediate scores brings a sense of competition to the quiz. And how about minigames like four cups and a ball (watch the video below), horse racing, wheel of fortune and various games of carts? They arouse a lot of emotion in the audience.

Atmosphere video, sing along

SAtmosphere video, cups and ball game

Add your own questions or get a custom made quiz

Our software gives us the possibility to make the right quiz for each of our clients. We can make a quiz completely costum made, in your corporate style or with your own questions added to an existing quiz, for example about your employees or organisation. These questions always have a hilarious effect. Do you have to find them out yourself? No, you don’t. QUIZzzIT can help you.


Quizquestion about the company WTC in Amsterdam

Corporate identity Vitens designed by QUIZzzIT


A quizmaster is essential to turn the quiz into something special. At QUIZzzIT, we offer you three tastes: the QUIZzzIT quizmasters, the not famous professional quizmasters and the famous Dutch personalities. Our quizmasters are weel repared and really go deeply into your event, interact easily with the audience and fill the evening nicely with their chat.


For corporate events we offer two arrangements.

The Silver Package

Our Silver pPackage includes the presentation of your event by one of our quizmasters and technical support by one of our technicians. The quizmaster takes all the work from your hands, from installation to presentation. Our quizmasters are studying or have studied at the musical academy or some other media orientated institute. Or they are starting a carreer in Hilversum, the center of Dutch television. The technician installs everything correctly,  connects the voting boxes to the teams and takes care of the smooth passing of the event, together with the quizmaster. For you there is nothing to worry about.

Click here for more information about the Silver package. 

The Golden Package

With our Golden Package, the quizmaster of your event will be a famour Dutch personality. This quizmaster offers an evening of great quality. QUIZzzIT works together with many famous personalities who are familiar with our quizzes. The character of the event can be as you wish, with an entertainment quiz full of laughter, complete with your own questions about your employees or company, or even a costum made quiz to test the knowledge of your employees, almost anything is possible! We also offer quizzes in English. Included in the Golden Package is a visit in advance by someone from QUIZzzIT, maybe with the quizmaster, to discuss with you the coming event. After this conversation, your wishes are elaborated into a costum made event.

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QUIZzzIT uses voting boxes that don’t require wifi. So there is no fuss of unloaded telephones, bad wifi connections or problems with logging in. The voting boxes have a reach of 150 meters and never fail. We can also connect the voting boxes to a name, to make the quiz more personal. Of course everybody wants to see his or her name in the intermediate scores on the big screan.

Do you have a screan and sound system at your location? Than we will use them. If you don’t have a screan and sound system, don’t worry: together with our audiovisual partner we offer first class technique.