How it works

Imagine a full house, everyone with his own voting box, the tension rising. The QUIZzzIT event is going to start. The quizmaster plays the instruction film.

After two test questions the quiz starts. After every ten questions, the players see the intermediate score on the screen and the sense of competition is growing. QUIZzzIT not only tests your knowledge, but also offers a lot of fun and entertainment. In the quiz there are a lot of surprises, like for example a bet, in which you can put your points at stake, or a horse race, where you chose one of the six racing horses. But also an election question, in which the majority decides what is the right answer.

And at the end... who won?

Our quiz is two and a half hours of entertainent. We also have quizzes of one hour of one hour and a half, thematic quizzes like a Music quiz or a Sports quiz, and you can ask for a costumized quiz, in Dutch or in English.

Click here to see a few atmospheric videos from QUIZzzIT and convince yourself.