The Bronze package

When you order our Bronze Package, you will receive one or two days before the date of the quiz a package that includes a laptop, voting boxes and a manual with all the questions, answers and background information. On the laptop you will find the quiz of your preference installed and ready to be played. You can connect the laptop to a beamer or television.

The quiz-about-everything consists of 75 questions covering a lot of themes that give you, including a break, about 2,5 hours of quiz pleasure. We also offer short pub quizzes of 1 hour or 1,5 hours. Before playing the quiz, you can test and try it. Thanks to the clear explanation and the easy plug- and-play system the quiz can be managed easily by your own quizmaster.

A thematical quiz, your own questions added or a completely custom made quiz is also possible. We will have the quiz installed that you asked for. By the way, we also offer quizzes in English.

You don’t have a location, beamer/screan or sound system at your disposal? Let QUIZzzIT take care of it. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Package 1 (20 voting boxes) € 240,-, exclusive of VAT and cost of shipment
Package 2 (30 voting boxes) € 300,-, exclusive of VAT and cost of shipment
Beyond package 2, for every voting box we charge € 5,-, exclusive of VAT

For our senior quizzes (quizzesfor elderly people) we have special prices. Ask us about the possibilities.

If you order (beyond package 2):
- 4 quizzes or more: 10 % discount
- 8 quizzes or more: 20 % discount
- 12 quizzes or more: 30 % discount

The Bronze Package