Victor Mids Magic Quiz-Package

In cooperation with Victor Mids, Quizzzit has developed the unique Victor Mids Magic Quiz.

Victor, known from MINDF*CK, is an illusionist and trained physician (non-practicing). With these two combined he brings illusion and science together in a unique way.

With his video presentations and quiz questions, exclusively produced for this show, Victor takes you into his magical world, live on stage. Through interactive experiments and quiz questions, he tests your knowledge of the human brain and your own senses.

In addition to the many quiz question-videos, in which various well-known Dutch people play a role, Victor will show some additional tricks and illusions to the audience. He will give the audience insight into underlying neuropsychological principles, such as distraction, non-verbal communication and influencing the subconscious mind.

In short: the Victor Mids Magic Quiz is a mind-blowing show in which Victor lets the audience enjoy an evening full of wonder, bewilderment and magic. And takes everyone into his magical world, where nothing is what it seems.

It is also possible to hire, for a reduced rate, not Victor himself but his fellow illusionist Magic Mike (known from Holland's Got Talent). Mike will then provide so-called "close up magic", even after the quiz-show has finished. For over an hour, everyone in the room can experience how it is like to witness the most inexplicable illusions up close.

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Entry-level price € 2750 excluding VAT